— The Truth is Always the Best Lie —

New York, HERE I COME.

Title art by Vanessasketch

Fanfiction: The Trial of Loki

Fanfiction: Checks and Balances

Fanfiction: 30 Ways to Trick a Trickster
Flashback: Family Outing

*It’s early morning in Asgard and Loki has spent the night studying* *as the light comes through the window of his chambers, he realises he was supposed to spend the night in the company of someone in particular, and curses his memory*

*there is little he can do to make up for disappointing Sigyn*

*well, no, that is not entirely true, but he is scheduled to depart with his brother to Svartelfheim on the morrow and he will not have time to compensate her in his usual fashion*

*Instead he has an idea and sends for a servant, giving the servant a list of things to assemble at the city gates before the third bell, then he clicks his fingers and summons a portal to Sigyn’s villa, stepping through into the living room, and arranging a contrite expression on his face in case she is already awake*